From Laura Pedersen, Soprano

Opera Project Columbus, under the masterful baton of Maestro Siciliani, is capturing people – from those of us working with him, under his baton, to those who are on the other side, in the audience. I am constantly amazed at his depth of knowledge, his interpretation and his passion for the music, his respect for the traditions and style, what he grew up hearing, and the stories he has lived with the most respected singers ever to grace the operatic stage. I love to rehearse with him as he effortlessly shares his knowledge and relentlessly strives for the best in me as a singer.  He never gives up on trying to bring out each performer’s best out of passion for the music, respect for the composer, and the drama that needs to touch the heart of all who will hear it. When all the hard work and countless hours are put in, and the performances come, the Maestro trusts the hard work we have all done, and lets the opera breathe and come to life, masterfully leading the singers and the orchestra to capture and release the magic that opera is.

Maestro Siciliani's infectious passion for opera catches everyone on fire.  

Maestro Siciliani's vast knowledge, passion for opera, and attention to detail gives us musicians, opera lovers, and novices alike, the gift of the depth and passion that opera was meant to awaken. 

Opera Project Columbus and Maestro Siciliani provide amazing opportunities for singers. The Maestro’s command of opera captures the very essence of what makes opera come alive.